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Prof Tugrul Atamer, France

Executive Chairman, World Entrepreneurship Forum

Vice President, Emlyon Business School

‘’This book is one of the world’s top 5 titles on entrepreneurship and startups.’’

‘’I picked up the original Turkish version of Off the Bus, Into a Supercar from the bestseller shelf in the bookstore at the Istanbul airport while waiting for a flight to Lyon. Arriving in Lyon 4 hours later, I had finished the book, all in a single sitting. Baybars Altuntas shares the secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur in this light-hearted account of his own journey. He lays out a practical roadmap that can easily be followed by anyone, no matter who or where they are. His concept of “rising steps” is brilliant: wannapreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, branding, institutionalization, franchising, leadership and angel investment. He takes you by the hand, describing in clear detail each step of the way. As you progress, you also learn about various ways to access financing, from bootstrapping, to angel investors, to VCs and banks. Baybars sagely advises us, however, that networking is far more important than finance. He provides real examples from his own life story and you come to the realization that, if you can manage to actualize the Altuntas principle of converting idle capacity into cash, then you’ve made it, You will have become a successful entrepreneur without any financing at all! As the Executive Chairman of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, I follow closely the latest publications on entrepreneurship. I rank this book as one of the world’s top 5 titles on entrepreneurship and start-ups.  Not only is it informative, it’s a delightful read as well. Highly recommended for young entrepreneurs wanting to set up their own businesses and for others aiming to grow theirs.’’

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